Be different and be happy!

Hello, my name is Cindy and I am a 41 year old Mother of twins. I was involved in a serious car accident in California on July 2nd, 1982. I broke my neck at C4, C5, and C6, my lower back at L1, and L2, my femur and my pelvis. I heard the dreaded words, “You may never walk again” I had numerous surgeries, on my spine and leg and endured a Halo (Christopher Reeve had this as well, it is a metal frame that is inserted into your skull via screws to stabilize your neck) for six months.

At the time of my accident, I experienced a loving, peaceful light that told me everything I ever needed to know, and everything that ever was. I knew at this time that my life was purposeful but it didn’t really become apparent until twelve years later, when I gave birth to my twin sons on the exact day of my car accident. It only solidified my experience in the light, even more.

I have a number of scars on my body and it took me years to accept them. I actually went to a plastic surgeon to look into having the scars on my forehead (from the Halo) removed and his actual comment to me, was, “anything is better then that”. I walked out of his office and contemplated his statement for quite some time. I never had tl3he surgery because in the end, I came to realize that these scars are a badge of honor. Kind of like a soldier, I have fought and won my battle. I have fought for my life, and my happiness.

What this accident gave me, was yes, a lot of pain, physical and emotional but a lot of growth as well. I believe that with pain there is growth. My life has meaning and purpose and wherever I go, my scars, my cane and my limp prove that life is not just what you see, but a deeper more profound and exciting journey that should be lived to its fullest.

I am proud to be who I am, with all my imperfections. A lot of people tell me that they don’t even notice my disability. I think that it is because my heart shines through, it is simply my love for life and a deep understanding that all experiences in life are not without meaning.