Be different and be happy!

My name is David – my friends call me Slaz.

My scar was caused by blood clots on the brain. A piece of my skull was removed so my brain could swell. I had no L1bone in my head for four months. Now I have a titanium plate where the bone should be.

All this happened just over five years ago. It took some getting use to having a scar across the side of my head. People would look at me very strangely and I would get embarrassed. People won’t sit to the right of me on trains when they see my scar. Sometimes even if the train is packed.

I put Slaz next to my name as one night a good friend of mine called me Slaz. I said what do you mean by Slaz? He said Slazenger tennis ball head. Everyone went quiet but I thought it was hilarious and it has stuck.

I do get bored of people asking what happened to my head. There are two stories I tell them.
One is that I was saving a little girl from drowning in Australia when a Shark came along and attacked us and it bit the side of my head, but the little girl was ok.
The second is that I was swimming in a lagoon in Australia and a crocodile come out of nowhere and grabbed hold of my head. I stuck my finger in its eye and it let go and I managed to get out of the water.

Living with my scar does not bother me anymore; I have got it and I’m stuck with it. It doesn’t hinder me in anyway, I have a normal life and wish to enjoy it.