Doug Nordby

Be different and be happy!

I lost my left eye to a stupid childhood accident involving a bow and arrow. I was eight years old. I am now sixty L1three years old. When I was young I wore a prosthesis that looked very good, but as Sammy Davis Jr. once said “it was just a damn nuisance”. So when I was twenty eight I stopped wearing it. Everyone knew I had only one eye anyway. I have always been a sailor and having one eye lends itself to the pirate image, eh? One time in Tacoma Washington I got a short job doing landscaping for a dentist at his home. On the last day he said, I have a friend who makes artificial eyes, you should go see him. I replied that I was quite satisfied with my appearance. If it bothers some people they can look at someone else. I think it gives me a certain amount of character especially when my beard is grown out. I have people ask if they can photograph me quite often. I’ll just be walking on the dock or hanging out in some waterfront tavern, etc. and someone will appear with a camera. “You have a great face , can I take your picture?” Well I know ‘great face’ doesn’t mean handsome, but if I wasn’t ‘different’ they would pay no attention at all, eh? That was the end to both of those occupations. It really is a pity that there are a few petty people uncomfortable with the way God created us or allowed us to become and feel obligated to attempt to make us uncomfortable as well. They are missing out on knowing great people!- Doug Nordby