Be different and be happy!

My name is Emily and I was born with a large port wine stain on the left hand side of my face. It faded through my L1early years to the size it is today. My parents have always been so cool about it, not making it into a big deal and so I never really had a problem with it when I was young and I avoided any bullying – except from some harmless name calling during primary school. I think this was all to do with how well my parents dealt with it.

Obviously, getting older, I began to have a problem with it being so noticeable, and I began to wear make up from about age 12. I was aware for removal surgery from about the same age and my Dad helped me to get appointments with the local laser removal doctor without having to wait too long – there is a massive waiting list. There, the nurses gave me camouflage make-up and taught me how to apply it. And I went for my first session of laser removal, however I found it so painful and didn’t notice much difference afterwards, so I didn’t go back for any more treatment. I also ditched the camouflage make-up because it was so thick and greasy. However I still cover with concealer and powder which works so well you can barely see the marks with make-up on (as you can see from the photo!)

Sometimes I wish I felt more confidant to go without make up more often, but I just like the look of my face more even, which I don’t think is a bad thing. I don’t feel like I NEED to cover and I don’t mind people seeing me with no make up – but I still prefer to wear it!

I think the most important thing to remember is that people wont judge you any differently for having a mark – and if they do, you won’t want to know them anyway! They might look and they might ask you questions but it isn’t anything to be ashamed of. My boyfriend says to me he likes my mark because it makes me more individual – which is great advice!
If you’re ever getting down about your mark think of this; (which I heard a mother say to a child about his mark) “It’s where the angels touched you”!

I cant wait to be in Thailand! I am going on Friday and I will start work on Monday! I am working at Elephant Nature Park (click on name and visit the Elephant nature Park’s web site!). The owner takes elephants which are being abused etc and they live in her park. It’s huge. They are basically free to roam around but tourists come to see them also, so I will be going to find them every morning and washing them in the river a few times a day – to keep them cool and clean. I will also be feeding and cleaning up their poo!! I want to work in animal conservation eventually so it’s all good work experience. Can’t wait!!