Evan Ducker

Be different and be happy!

Evan Ducker was just barely 5-years-old when he co-created (along with his mom), the new critically acclaimed L2children’s book, Buddy Booby’s Birthmark.

While the story’s characters are animals from the Galapagos Islands, its plot is based entirely on Evan’s real-life experiences living with a birthmark.

Buddy Booby’s Birthmark has been praised by surgeons and physicians, educators, international foundations, parents, and children all over the world – for its universal messages of tolerance, compassion and self-esteem.

In addition its raising awareness – Evan’s raising funds by donating a portion of the book’s profits to the International Vascular Birthmarks Foundation, – the Foundation recently declared the book’s main character, Buddy the red-footed booby bird, as their official international mascot for birthmark awareness!

Like most 12-year-olds, Evan loves video games, sports, and playing with his friends. He has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, collects dragons, Beanie Babies, and Star Wars memorabilia, and is a fan of the Harry Potter book series. He plays the electric bass and flute, and is a big Jamie Cullum fan.

Find out more about Buddy Booby’s Birthmark, or email Evan.