Be different and be happy!

I’m a pretty happy guy and I rarely think about my birthmark – at least not in any sort of detrimental fashion. I’m L1just me, it’s there, it always has been, and in some form or another, always will be. This is how I am supposed to be, this is life, and it suits me just fine.

Generally, though… I don’t see anything strange or different or odd or out of place when I look in the mirror. I just see me. My friends and family feel the same. They’ve told me this many times, and often I found it hard to believe, but as life goes on I meet more and more people who say something like: “Oh, after meeting you a couple times I didn’t even think about it anymore.” So I guess it must be true. Regardless, it is nice to know that people view others by what’s on the inside more often than they do otherwise.

My birthmark isn’t very big and coincidentally looks like a black eye, or so strangers often remark. I’ve had about seven or eight laser treatments now and it has faded considerably. My doc says fifty-percent, but that was before the last two zaps. I’m pleased with that. It’s lighter, smoother-looking, and generally softer in appearance. Rarely do I ever encounter anyone who is clearly distressed over it. Local cashiers who see me all the time have figured it out by now. Once in a while I’ll notice some stares or run into a few less educated individuals who find it hard to look me in the eye when we have to communicate, but this is very rare indeed. Mostly… I feel like any other normal, ordinary, average guy.L2

I go for laser treatments mostly just because I CAN. It is affordable and effective these days. I am always on the look-out for ways in which to improve myself in all areas: mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, etc. I use Crest White Strips on my teeth once a year also simply because I CAN. It’s something just for ME, not for anyone else. I feel good about CARING for myself, you know? I think of the laser treatments in the same way. It’s for me, because I can. In a way, oddly, I am sort of glad that an argon laser treatment, when I was about thirteen years old, left some moderate, residual scarring. If today’s lasers continue to improve and one day in the future I DO find that I can get most of the color out… I think I’d be sad to see it all go! A little bit of off-color tissue under my eye… well, it just feels like that is SUPPOSED to be there.

Whatever kind of man I am right now and whatever I may grow in spirit to be in the future, my birthmark has helped make me who I am. My life might have been different without it – I may have not been able to see things from the perspective of someone who is unique in a physical way. So I’m glad I have that silly mark. I think it’s OK to improve it, just as long as I don’t ever forget it.