Kieran Cion O’Callaghan

Be different and be happy!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kieran Cion O’Callaghan. I’m 35, Irish, though born in Epping and I’ve L1had a port wine stain on my cheek since I popped. I’m a professional musician, take a look at myspace page.


This is just a note to reassure others that with the right attitude, something like a ‘strawberry’ doesn’t have to be a hindrance, as I’m sure it is to many. I’m a stubborn so-and-so anyway, having something like this just gives me more of an excuse to look the world in the eye and tell it to get stuffed if it is not liking what I’m doing or where I’m at! What I’m trying to say to anyone that visits this site is, hard as it may be at times to have people stare etc, being a little different ensures your life is just that little bit more interesting than the ‘average Joe’, something I relish.

I would hate to think anyone would feel less of a person because of a few misplaced blood vessels so this is my 2 cents to tell people to relax and enjoy staring back, I love it!

Good luck with it!

PS: if you can’t reach my myspace page through the link above, google my name and you’ll get to it that way.