As a child, I would have been ecstatic if I had been able to meet others with birthmarks.

My name is Beverley Sky Fulker and I am thankful to have been born with a large facial birthmark (port-wine stain).

It was not always easy but I came to love my mark and now I help others love and accept their marks and scars. My work is not just about birthmarks it’s for anyone who is concerned about their appearance. Children also gain great confidence from my talks and my site. I have received emails from all over the world with incredible stories of children and adults who have experienced transformations purely from visiting this website.

I had a little laser treatment when I was a teenager but it didn’t work. I’m glad it is a stubborn mark and it obviously didn’t want to leave me! I would not remove it for all the money in the world.

I am grateful for my parents who instilled confidence into all three of us. They did not tell us we were beautiful or pretty – we did not need to hear this – they praised us for our actions. We understood ‘it’s what’s inside that counts’. My sister and brother had birthmarks on their hand and arm but these disappeared after a short time. I like to think it was something special!

Beverly - Love Your Mark

It’s been an amazing journey and several years ago I changed my life to help encourage children and adults that anyone can have a good life. You simply need a new attitude and sometimes it takes time to learn, just like you have to learn to drive a car or learn a new skill. I have travelled extensively and I have lived in Australia, Thailand and Madeira and my life is even more fulfilled as this is the work I was born to do.

I wore make up for years to hide my birthmark at school and later at work. I was 20 and I decided to be brave and take the make-up off and I wondered if people in Executive offices maybe didn’t appreciate birthmarks on show! Well I did get that job in the beautiful office and I realised most people are pretty accepting of differences – and for the ones that are not! Too bad. After I got the job my old habits crept it and I started to use the make up again! It took me a few more years to realise I didn’t need it. When I see old photos of myself with the make-up I throw them away!

I have heard some pretty insulting comments over the years and also I have heard the most uplifting and encouraging compliments – so I choose to accept only the positive comments!

It is an honour and a privilege for me to do this work and learn how people’s lives have been improved or touched in some way.

heartThe Early Years

I was teased aged 8 and demanded plastic surgery. It was a worrying time for my parents and they were relieved when I was introduced to camouflage make-up. If only I had a mentor at that time I would have quickly realised we do not have to run off and change due to bullying or silly comments. We should not have to endure painful surgery due to negative comments. We can learn to smile and face it.

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I had a ski fall aged 21 and I never really got over it. Years later the pain turned to a more chronic pain and I could no longer work in the City and Depression from Chronic Pain took a hold of me. I went through a stage of having suicidal thoughts. This has all helped me on my journey empathising with people from every walk of life. I am grateful for this experience as the pain forced me to leave my job and I came to set up my dream job and my website which I would never have done if I had been working in the City.

Just before I left my London job, I stopped covering my mark for good. I heard a comment about the ‘natural look’ and it affected me deeply. I had a sudden ‘aha’ moment! and I had so many realisations all at once and I could not believe I had not realised this before! This is what I wanted! I threw the make up in the nearest bin and “Freedom!” I felt amazing! I have never looked back.

Then a really interesting set of events ensued. I saw a programme on TV about people with birthmarks and I learned that most people with differences had low confidence and I realised my life’s purpose! I decided to set up an inspirational website and was born.

I became Head of Angel Kiss Mentoring at the USA group and Head of Mentoring at the UK’s Birthmark Support Group, and also Changing Faces. I have been invited to speak on BBC TV, Channel 4 and ITV. Radio 4, NHS – the full list is on my Speaking Page.

The first time I spoke to young children in a school they became excited about being different. They were checking their arms and legs to see if they could find any signs of marks or scars. It was amazing! I told them they were all special and beautiful and I felt that some of them had never been told this before and it was very moving. I always tell them to give themselves a round of applause and they really love doing this!

We all need inspiration and I am honoured to do my part and share my story. People from all over the world visit my site and email me to tell me how much it has helped them. Please do read all the stories on my website and sign up for my Free Tips to Supreme Confidence and you will feel uplifted and empowered.

My partner Tony loves my birthmark and I hope that you will learn to love yourselves too.

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Be Different Be Happy!