Be different and be happy!

My name is Molly, I was born in March 1934. I was born with a birthmark down the right side of my neck. I was theL1 second of a family of five children and the only girl. Having four brothers and living on a farm I had to be tough.

I have not found it difficult to live with my mark. My worse time was when I was young, I was very shy and when I started school I would just sit and watch the other children play, I would not join in with them as I thought they would not want me to play with them, also we moved house quite a lot when I was in infant and junior schools so never got to make friends. But things changed when I got to senior school and I did a full four years in one school and I did make some very nice friends. I am still friends with one of them fifty two years later.

When I left school I worked as a shop assistant which gave me a lot of confidence. I use to feel sorry for mothers whose young children would say, “Mummy what’s that lady got on her neck?” So I would tell the children it was a birthmark and that I was born with it, and I would tell the mother not to worry, it was only the child being inquisitive, the mother being more embarrassed than myself.

As a teenager I thought nobody would want to marry me because of my mark. But at the age of 16 I met my husband Bill and we married when we were 19 almost 53 years ago. My husband said he never sees my mark, also my children never remarked on it and when I mention it they say they never see it. As I am now 72 I don’t worry about it and forget it’s there.