Be different and be happy!

My name is Rachel, I am 12 years old and I have a birthmark on my right cheek, called a port-wine stain. However L1when I was little my Mom & Dad called it my ‘special mark’.

As a baby, my parents were told I could have laser treatment which would remove the mark with three or four treatments so I started laser treatment at Birmingham Children’s Hospital when I was three years old; I have received fourteen treatments since!! My mark is lighter than it was, but is still noticable.
I have decided not to have any further laser treatments and to be happy as I am. I am healthy and have loads of friends so life is great and if people don’t like me for who I am or what I look like then tough!!

I have never been bullied or picked on at school because of my mark – my Mom & Dad have always been really positive about my appearance and have always told me to be honest with people who ask “what have I done?” as most people think I’ve had an accident or been punched! They are quite embarrassed when I tell them its a birthmark but it doesn’t bother me.

I have never worn make-up to cover it up – I think that would only make it more noticable as I’m too young for foundation make-up anyway but even when I’m older I don’t think I will.

I want to be a nursery nurse when I’m older or work with children in some way. I’m doing well at school and enjoy sleep-overs with my cousin and best friend, Marie. We have great girlie chats and love to party!!

The good thing about going for treatments at hospital is that I have seen lots of other children with birthmarks; we are all perfectly healthy and enjoy life to the full, mark or no mark.