Beverly would like to share some tips with you.

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Be different and be happy!


  • Laughter!! – Get into comedy! Books, your friends, plays, uplifting movies! Laughter increases longevity!
  • Avoid negatives! – Depressing movies, books etc. Also, limit your tv viewing.
  • Good Posture. As soon as you stand up straight your whole physiology changes and you breathe correctly and feel more confident. Don’t slouch!
  • Role model. NLP shows how role models inspire us. Who inspires you? Find a great role model!
  • Never compare yourself to anyone – you are unique and special.
  • Meditate – I do! check out the benefits – you will be astounded!
  • Don’t buy glossy magazines – it’s proven that they have a negative effect and leave you feeling low.
  • Listen to Music! – especially music with a lively rythm. It’s incredibly powerful and the benefits have been proven scientifically! Stick on your I-pod and get singing!
  • Take risks. Even small ones – these all help increase confidence. Wear that red dress or make that call!
  • Do something different every day! Even if it’s just taking a different route home or reading a book you would never usually read! Variety is the Spice of Life!
  • Write a letter of appreciation to someone you care for or someone who deserves to be recognized.
  • Smile! Make a point of smiling more! Make someone’s day! The people I’ve coached have reported they were a little nervous at first but the results were so good they couldn’t stop!