Be different and be happy!

Beverley is very active and holds numerous speaking engagements, television and radio interviews along with other activities to publicise her message of happiness and confidence.

These are some of the testimonials Beverley has received.

Radio 4 Saturday Live

“Beverley spoke eloquently, articulately, robustly and had a great sense of humour. She was also very comfortable being interviewed ‘live’. We would definitely use her again and I’ve already recommended her to BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.”

The Education Business Partnership’s Project Manager – Mark Sexton

“Beverley is always well prepared and engaged easily with any audience. I am happy to recommend her to you and trust that you will be as inspired as I am by Beverley’s commitment to improving the lives of others and her determination to support those people who feel vulnerable and at risk”

The Mayor of Southend (2006-07) – Cllr Ron Price

“Beverley is an inspiration to so many people. Much of what she does is at a cost to herself but that never stops her trying to help someone who needs her help and encouragement. During my year as Mayor of Southend, I met with Bev on many occasions and each time I am impressed by her work and her attitude. She has a vibrant personality and I wish her even greater success in the future”.

Rotary Club Thorpe Bay

“Love Your Mark was a thought-provoking topic and your talk certainly made us think more deeply about some of the wider implications of living in a society seemingly obsessed by physical appearance. Your work is much needed.”

Manor Infant School, Tilbury

“The children very much enjoyed Beverley’s talk and in particular learning about the character ‘Buddy Booby’. It was a very valued experience and we have been able to do follow up work including learning about how people are different and designing our own books. Once again I would recommend her as a worthwhile visitor to schools”

Rosemary Cunningham – founder of Winning Women Essex
Beverley spoke at Winning Women about www.LoveYourMark.com and “I’m really excited about the Bevolution!
Beverley is so happy and accepting of her birthmark and sharing about it opens up a delicate subject which we often avoid.
She is on a mission to get the world wearing our differences with pride. She’s such a warm, generous lady and will make a huge difference to the lives of many.
Please support the Bevolution! “